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All about the Ajusto program

Your good driving habits can increase your potential savings.

The Ajusto program uses technology that allows you to save up to 25% more on your car insurance at renewal.

  • Plug it in and drive

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Receive your free device, install into your vehicle and drive as you normally would.

    Installation of the device
  • Save on your auto insurance

    Ajusto allows you to save up to 25% more on your auto insurance – over and above all other savings offered by Desjardins Insurance at renewal.

  • Your Privacy

    Your Ajusto data is ONLY used to calculate savings – not used to penalize you. Your secure online dashboard allows you to monitor your driving habits and keep track of your savings.

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up to 25%

additional savings on your car insurance at renewal.

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